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Saying Thank You

Remembering to say thank you to our guides and helpers is important for the completion of the assistance they have given.

The expansive energy of gratitude has the benefit of making your body start to relax. It’s so simple and yet immensely powerful. It truly has the potential of enriching our everyday lives.

Acknowledgement and recognition of being helped, assists many people in finding their life’s journey and realising their inner dreams. Ultimately, it also aids people to honestly forgive and therefore be forgiven.

On another tack, we may have become accustomed to asking for help from the unseen world - whether from angels, guides, or ancestral spirits - but sometimes we may forget to close our connection afterwards with a thank you. When we connect to these energies for assistance, it is rather like a phone connection. Forgetting to close the conversation with a proper “goodbye” is like not hanging up. While that line is still connected, others can have trouble getting through, while, in the meantime, the batteries are being drained. Saying “thank you” is a way of releasing our concerns into trusted hands and getting out of the way so that the Universe’s divine order can work on our behalf. 

As spiritual beings, we may talk about “staying connected,” but our connection needs to be with our source. We can plug in and recharge, but we run on batteries in between, and every connection we make utilises some of our personal power. Even being surrounded by people that energise us has its limits, and at some point we will feel ready to go off on our own to do what is ours to do. Instead of trying to be constantly connected, we can turn to these beings for help in a way that is more like placing an order. We contact them; ask for what we need, and then say thank you and goodbye.

Beings of light do not require our gratitude; it is an energetic acknowledgement of Trust and release that benefits us. When we bring ourselves to a sense of being grateful, we affirm that what we have asked is already done. Then we can move forward with confidence to do the things we are meant to do, while knowing that all will be well.

Gratitude is a lovely heart-warming thread and I personally believe it builds “psychological muscle”. It has definitely helped me to be kinder to myself and therefore generally to those with whom I work closely.


 Thank You 2

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