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Transpersonal Perspective of Psychotherapy

The transpersonal perspective of psychotherapy attempts to see all symptoms as part of a larger picture of "energy moving"; attempting to make a connection between who we think we are and who we really are.  It is defined more by its orientation and scope rather than by a particular practice of set techniques or methods.

Integration brings together:

  • the memories contained in the DNA of the body unconscious
  • the effects of in-utero and early childhood experiences
  • the examination of how people process and assimilate information
  • behaviours that are the result of conscious and unconscious conditioning
  • the individual's compulsive journey towards self-actualization or greater wholeness.

Transpersonal therapy, psychotherapy and counselling approaches healing and growth through the recognition of the centrality of a Self in the therapeutic process.

Transpersonal psychotherapy emphasises individual development beyond but including the ego:

  • it acknowledges the human spiritual quest
  • it recognizes the human striving for unity, ultimate truth, and profound freedom
  • it cultivates intuitive ways of knowing that complement rational and sensory modes.
  • it recognizes the potential for growth inherent in "peak" experiences and other shifts unconsciousness.

Transpersonal therapy practices

Transpersonal therapy, psychotherapy and counselling work towards the development of a whole of life skill (integrating practices into everyday life) whereby the individual awakens from a limited personal identity to expand universal knowledge of self.

This process combines the awakening of personal awareness and intuition (non-rational knowing) with the body's ability to heal itself through compassionate self-support.

Techniques may be taught and supported explicitly in the therapy session and, at times shifts in consciousness may be cultivated to allow the individual to develop immediate insight and inspiration that may not be available through more conventional means. This may provide clients with a skill they can practice on their own.

Transpersonal psychotherapy also recognizes the need for both psychological and physical development to be integrated with spiritual growth.

Without this integration there is a danger of "spiritual by-passing," where issues of psychological and physiological functioning are avoided in the name of 'spiritual development'. Because of the need for spiritual and healing growth, this practice very much teaches of the human being’s unbounded uniqueness as well as profound beauty as an individual.



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