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Psychic Protection and Cleansing

“Most people still yearn for rituals that appeal to the forces of nature… because in the old days we could worship that way. These rituals appeal to something deep inside us, and we feel better after we have participated in them. These rituals have the greatest spiritual cleansing effect on us, because they touch and stir those non-physical parts of our being of which we are not ordinarily aware.” 
This is taken from the book “Spiritual Cleansing” by: Draja Mickaharic.

I always like to burn white sage leaves, a smudge stick or incense in my home; especially after an argument or any cross words! 

In addition, usually whilst meditating, I visualise intuitive colours for each room. Each day they tend to be different and unique. I think by practising this, the atmosphere is enriched and, indeed, harmonious. If time runs out, then I visualise myself wearing a pure white or purple robe. Inwardly, I always draw a green pyramid, consisting of a square, going clockwise and three triangles.  I like to think that I am always protected when I perform this ritual.


Psychic Protection

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