We all have the magic of potential
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What we were born to do

We need to discover what it means to be truly alive; fulfilling our objective in life as authentic human beings and being true to ourselves and our beliefs. If we can do that, then people will naturally be attracted, as it will encourage them to do the same: to shed their skin of discontent, and show their true colours. Of course, this takes courage and encouragement.

Nick Williams, an inspirational teacher, suggests embracing the leader within ourselves, and leading those who are interested to a place of inspiration and passion; to fulfil their potential, find what makes them happy and then do it. It will be different for each of us, but we will know when we are on a roll and fulfilling our own individual potential. It is often when we are so absorbed in what we are doing, that time becomes irrelevant to us and we can fully achieve. 

This journey involves taking on board the full realisation of the knowledge of the work we were born to do.  Indeed, integrating with the world around us is like possessing a tool kit for life. If you love life, life will love you back! 

Everybody has the potential to be/do whom they want to be.

Each and every person encompasses huge potential.

Each and every person has the potential to be harmonious to themselves and others.

The "resonance state”, as I call it, is a very good place to be - as it encompasses the calmness of being. It is how I envisage the state where I can and should learn to vibrate on my own, for peace of mind. It is indeed the state of one sound; where I can well and truly say “om”. It comprises deep happiness from within our core and the deep appreciation of what we feel in the world and also in ourselves. For instance, when we look out of our window at Nature, what do we feel and see – the negative or the positive? 

When we focus on any emotions, then they will definitely and automatically expand. Emotions arise from what we think we see and how we have been programmed. However, there is a big catch here, because programming is not fixed. Anyone can change their programming by focusing on what they want out of life. It is arduous and laborious but can be achieved and, moreover, leads you into freedom.

"See the world as yourself, Have faith in the way things are, Love the world as yourself, Then you can care for all things." Hazrat Inayat Khan







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