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Reiki literally means: Universal Life Force Energy; it signifies having ultimate respect for Life. It is simple and is encompassed by beauty; it is pure light and love, given with the best intentions. Reiki is a transitional shift. It is an adjustment and affects everybody in different ways. The words to the attunements are just guiding words. The most important aspect to remember with practicing Reiki above anything else is the intention. This comes before intuition; however, when you are trained, intuition and intention complement each other. Intuition is like fairy dust; it is so fine and absolutely right when it comes to you. You can also ask for relaxation, peaceful sleep, clarity or to de-stress yourself etc. Always trust yourself and your instincts. 

I like the innocence and simplicity of Reiki and the fact that it is a self-help tool, which you can practise on yourself as well as on other people. It really makes a huge difference to your day and your dealings with other people. Ki, or Chi, literally means energy. When you are feeling bad or have any symptoms, it means that your energy is stagnant and you can easily change that yourself so it is very autonomous. The more you practise, the stronger your own attunements become. I like the fact that Reiki has the potential to bring very beneficial changes to you and the people around you in your environment – whatever it may be.

Reiki really does give me a sense of peace and stillness from deep within. Reiki is a beautiful gift to ourselves and indeed makes us feel self–worthy. The more you do it, the easier and deeper it becomes. 

I am particularly drawn to Reiki because I could see how much of a difference it made to my general health and inner spiritual well–being. Furthermore, it complements what Heart Rhythm Meditation does for me and I can very much understand that these two key practices go hand-in-hand. 

“Seeing the Sunrise” by Justin Langer is a useful book, particularly the chapter on self–talk. I was fortunate enough to be taught the First, Second and third Degrees of Reiki by a teacher called Carmen O’Connor.  

Reiki can do no harm. However, if any symptoms persist then seek a medical opinion.

The original Reiki principles that a practitioner normally uses are:

Just for today...

Be kind

Do not worry

Work hard (including on the self)

Be not angry

Be grateful

Reiki technique




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