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Crystal Healing

Crystals work holistically and have been used historically and traditionally for healing purposes. They use resonance and vibration to bring about balance. When used by a qualified and experienced healer, the results can be extremely potent. 

Shamen and crystal healers have always known of the ability of crystals to focus sound and light vibrations into a concentrated ray, which can then be used for healing. 

Some crystals are energising whilst others are calming, and therefore some can sedate an overactive organ, like Lapis Lazuli or Rose Quartz which are cool and calming and some, like Carnelian, can stimulate a sluggish organ.. 

Crystals can be used for dealing with pain. Amethyst is excellent for pain relief, no matter what the cause, and Lapis Lazuli can quickly get rid of a migraine headache. Moonstone or Citrine can calm the stomach. 

If we see ‘dis-ease’ as the state that results from physical imbalances, blocked feelings, suppressed emotions and negative thinking, then crystals can dissolve dis-ease by realigning subtle energies.

Using crystals on chakras is also a powerful healing tool. By bringing the chakras back into balance, placing appropriate stones on their matching chakras, many forms of dis-ease can be improved. Crystals deal gently with the cause, rather than just making better. 

You can lay crystals on or round your body for up to 30 minutes or use crystal wands to rotate on the skin, which causes compression and thus releases a focused beam to the organ beneath. 

There are many uses for the various crystals and in time you pick your own favourites and do what you will with them.

Some of my favourite stones and usages are: 

Rose Quartz – can be used for anxiety and general emotional welfare.

Amethyst – is traditionally used for the promotion of physical health and well-being.

Fluorite – amongst its myriad uses, this can also protect against too much radiation from computers, television screens and other electrical devices. 

Purple Fluorite - brings rationality to the intuitive qualities and assists in precise communication.

Jade – it is beneficial to wear a piece of Jade on the spine to feed the nervous system.

Amber – this is good for absorbing pain and ‘cleaning’ the chakras.

Peridot – this acts as a “tonic” to strengthen and regenerate the body.

Tanzanite – is said to relieve depression; to dispel and transmute negativity.

Strawberry Quartz – is one of my personal favourites. A good quality example is hard to come by. It stimulates the energy centre of the heart; filling one’s being with a feeling of love. I find that it radiates an inner beauty and feeling of euphoria.

I use coarse sea salts or the Bach remedy ‘Crab Apple’ to cleanse my crystals. 

For information on all the other crystals, I find “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall an invaluable reference.






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