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“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning a wheel. These go around your body operating the various different organs. There are hundreds of little chakras in your body; for example – the “Star” chakra at the base of your left foot. However, most people are aware of seven main chakras running throughout your system. I will briefly describe what these do, according to my own perspective:

The Base or Root chakra as it is often called is essential for grounding oneself. In essence, it is known as the everyday expression of “being down to earth”. This is scarlet red – your own red inner potential energy.

The Sacral chakra, which I often think of as bright orange or yellow contains all of our reproductive organs and is part of the lower stomach. 

The Solar Plexus chakra is responsible for your energy and willpower and that is physically located two fingers above the navel.  I tend to think of this having different bearings, according to what I have to do at that particular time. For instance, I think of that whole area encompassing a huge sun.  

The Heart chakra is not so much about the physical heart; it has more to do with how you are feeling emotionally. I think of this as pale pink (rather like a piece of rose quartz crystal) or indeed green (like a piece of jade crystal). It is very soft, beautiful and is absolutely unique to you. Therefore, it needs to be treated with the utmost respect and you can obviously heal a lot of your own upsets without telling anyone. See “Wounds of the Heart”. 

The Throat chakra is often well-known for issues of lack of proper communication. For instance, if you tend to get sore throats as I do, then this is one on which to work. I often visualise sky blue with this. If you have a problem with this area, I often wear a red scarf to dispel it. 

The Third Eye or the Brow chakra, as it is often called, is associated very much with intuition and guidance. This is often seen as the colour of indigo or dark blue. 

The Crown chakra is the highest level of being and of heightened awareness. This is having very delicate and fine energy so is seen as ethereal. This is commonly experienced as purple, which happens to be one of my favourite colours. I have a painting of a woman wearing a purple cloak; this is mainly because when I meditate, I immediately picture that image. 




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