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Healing to help Disability

Frances Turner uses healing to help disability:

I am a practitioner based in Oxfordshire but I also practice in North London. I use hands-on healing, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage and sounding in my healing work. Since 2004 I have had the privilege to work with Lorraine Kemble and have gradually come to understand what is useful and what is not in our work together. My work is individually tailored to each patient, so what I do with Lorraine is not necessarily what I would do with someone else managing a disability, or even managing the same type of disability. However, there are some general principles to my approach that would be common to all my work.

The way I see it, is that no matter what we are dealing with in life, each of us is a unique person, and no one is more or less important than anyone else. So the first thing is to work with the person and not the disability. We are not our disability, disease or distress, we are human beings with the ability to shine. This means that we need to put the focus of our attention into the centre of our being, rather than on the disability or problems we have. We need to live from the inside out, to express who we truly are.

Of course, no one can do that for another person, we can only sometimes facilitate that possibility. I believe that we all have the natural ability to keep ourselves in balance and well, but that sometimes we get stuck and need a bit of help from other people. This is just as true for someone with a disability as for anyone else. So essentially what I try to do is to catalyse the self-healing process for each of my patients. 

I see different intervention modalities as different tools for catalysing this self-healing process. Some tools are right for some people, and some tools are particularly good for some conditions. This is a flexible approach that puts the person at the centre. With Lorraine, the tools that work best are hands on healing with sounding, but we also sometimes use acupuncture, depending on what is going on. 

There are some things in life that we cannot change, but it is possible to work with healing in order to live as well as possible. Part of healing can be coming to an acceptance of what is, as well as a letting go of what is not necessary. Whether disability is from birth, or is the result of what has happened in life, my philosophy would be that it is how we deal with it that matters. And whatever we are dealing with in life as individuals, we are each a beautiful and vibrant part of the whole, each part as important as each other part.

Frances Turner


Healing Disability

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