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Disability Awareness

Adversity is the first path to truth. ~ Lord Byron

People who are not able-bodied come from all strata of society, all ages, nationalities, cultures and religions. Above all they are people, sharing the same fears, prejudices and aspirations as anyone else.

Although there are many things we are not physically able to do, people with disabilities are often made more ‘disabled’ by the structure of the world in which they live. This is a world largely designed for able-bodied people, where allowances are not always made for the special needs of certain members of society.

It is too often assumed that all disabled people are the same, reinforced by the term, "the disabled". Disabled people are often portrayed in the media as disadvantaged individuals whose disabilities cause suffering and a feeling of despair. This assumption is very damaging and, if you browse through my website, I hope you will find many ways to overcome these obstructions, using various strategies to embrace positive thinking. However, different things will resonate with different people, so it is important to tailor-make your choices as to what fits with you. 

Many people will be affected by illnesses or accidents that will cause temporary impairment at some stage in their lives. Therefore, the ability to carry out activities in a variety of different ways should be recognised as being part and parcel of everyday life. The fact that an individual has a physical disability should not be seen as implying a lack of intellect. It is the environment that imposes the constraints that prevent disabled people from running their lives in exactly the same way as non-disabled people, and it is discriminatory attitudes and ignorance that prevent disabled people from being offered the opportunities offered to their non-disabled counterparts.

In my opinion, it is healthier to make friends with your anguish, inner pain and physical limitations.  I see it almost as your demons working together; reaching another kind of perspective and a different type of balance. It is rather like reaching an accommodation and a tipping point. 

“That which does not kill me makes me stronger” ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche



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