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Butterflies are creatures of transformation. They are beautiful to behold, they are all the colours of the rainbow and they have a stress-relief effect on people.

The butterfly symbolises transformation because of her life cycle. The butterfly is also symbolic of metamorphosis, joy, freedom, naturalness, fun, colour, purity, and joyous times.

There are many different species of butterflies, all liking different climates. They are beneficial to be bred within school playgrounds as they are educational because children love Nature.  

In the UK swarms of butterflies have long disappeared and a relentless decline will well have become terminal for some of our best-loved species.

Those of us with gardens can help to slow the decline of butterflies in this country by creating habitats where they can thrive.

Butterflies visit gardens to drink nectar from flowers. Many good nectar plants are hardy perennials and easy to grow. The best for butterflies are buddleia, ice-plant (sedum), lavender, Michaelmas daisy and origanum (marjoram). Yet, butterfly caterpillars need feeding too: plant holly and ivy in sunny positions where they can grow tall and flower for the holly blue. Don't pull up all your stinging nettles: leave a patch for comma, small tortoiseshell and red admiral butterflies.

We can also buy produce from farmers who manage their land to support wildlife. Farmland is the main habitat for more than three-quarters of British butterflies, but the flower-rich grassland and hedges where they breed have been lost to modern intensive farming methods.

It is believed that the butterfly can offer many lessons and reminds people to make changes when opportunities arise. That is why I chose a butterfly to be the logo for People with Potential.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart" ~ Helen Keller






Butterfly Sunflower

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